Insurance Policy & Claims

Brybelly gives merchants the option to purchase insurance for all orders. Purchased insurance covers lost or damaged shipments only.

As a merchant, it is your responsibility to determine if you will accept the risk associated with a shipment or choose to insure your package. If you decline, Brybelly will not be responsible for replacing the damaged or lost package.

Brybelly will guarantee that your order will be packaged well and processed promptly. Once we hand your or your customerís package to either UPS or USPS, we lose control of the care of the package. While our damaged/lost package rate is low, please note they do sometimes happen and can be costly if un-insured.

For insured packages that are lost or damaged:

  1. Please contact Brybelly as soon as you learn of the problem.
  2. Please keep or instruct your customer to keep all packaging (if applicable).
  3. Once Brybelly has gathered all information, we will arrange for a re-shipment.

Please note we can not refund in lieu of re-shipping, unless special circumstances are present and approved by Brybelly management.

Please note that if you gave us an incorrect address, we can not re-ship until we receive the package back, regardless of whether or not insurance was purchased, as we would not have any grounds to file a claim.