Story Time Dice named one of Dr. Toy's 10 Best Games of 2015

Other companies honored include LEGO, VTech, Mindware, and Discovery Toys

INDIANAPOLIS (7 October 2015) - Brybelly Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce that our innovative storytelling game Story Time Dice has been named one of Dr. Toy's 10 Best Games of 2015. The full list of Dr. Toy's 100 Best toys was announced Friday, Oct. 2.

One of the most trusted and prestigious industry prizes, Dr. Toy's Best Children's Products Awards were developed by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., and seek oustanding children's products and toys that are "safe, affordable, educationally oriented, and stimulating." This is the first time a Brybelly product has been selected for the award.

Story Time Dice was released in November 2014 under Brybelly's Imagination Generation micro-brand, which specializes in toys that promote education, creativity, and fun. Including seven oversized polyhedral dice with richly-illustrated faces, Story Time Dice offers four suggested ways to play and boasts over four million story combinations.

"Sometimes young children need a little nudge to get the creative process going," said Jeffrey K. Smith, Principal Shareholder, Brybelly. "We identified a few creativity-boosting toys and decided we could do it better and in a more captivating format. Story Time Dice let kids roll their own adventure."

On the heels of the original set's success, Brybelly will be releasing two Story Time Dice expansions in December 2015. Story Time Dice Scary Tales will feature spooky, glow-inthe-dark dice packed with classic horror tropes, and Story Time Dice Fairy Tales will feature shimmering pink dice and traditional fantasy fare.

Story Time Dice is available for retail purchase on Amazon and is distributed by TOTALToys, Inc. to brick and mortar stores across the Midwest.

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