Brybelly acquires Wall Coaster

The transaction will bolster Brybelly's rapidly-expanding lines of toys

INDIANAPOLIS (30 April 2015) - Brybelly Holdings, Inc. (Brybelly) and Active Products, Inc. today announced an agreement under which Brybelly will acquire their Wall Coaster toy line and all related intellectual property and business line assets. Wall Coaster will join hundreds of other toys in Brybelly's extensive and growing catalog, which already includes toy brands like Imagination Generation, Conductor Carl, and Mr. Moustachio.

Originating as a father/son team, Wall Coaster's innovative wall-mounted marble runs exhibited twice at the New York Toy Fair and were featured on NBC's "Today" show.

The complementary transaction exposes the Wall Coaster product line to Brybelly's large customer base and developed distribution network. Brybelly's web-based ordering platform will enable ecommerce stores around the globe to easily drop ship the entire Wall Coaster catalog. The acquisition also avails Brybelly's newly-developed lines of toys to Wall Coaster's established brick-and-mortar customers.

"Brybelly acquired the Wall Coaster brand to bolster our growing catalog of toy brands," said Jeffrey K. Smith, Principal Shareholder, Brybelly. "We believe this move will make the Wall Coaster line more attractive to potential customers as well as make a destination point for toy retailers. We believe we bring value to the Wall Coaster line concurrent to the line bringing value to Brybelly. It is a win-win situation. We look forward to a busy fourth quarter."

Wall Coaster products will be available through Brybelly starting Q3 2015.