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Beginner Bocce Yard Game

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Anytime is a good time for bocce!
It doesn't take much to play bocce. You bring the grass, sand, asphalt, or just about any flat surface, and we'll bring the balls! Bocce is a mix of bowling, croquet, and shuffleboard for 2-8 players of all ages. Score points by tossing your ball closest to the small target ball, or jack. But watch out, the other team may try to knock away your ball, or even knock away the jack! Ready to play yet?

Why You'll Love It: Bocce has a long history and a low barrier of entry, which makes it a great choice for kids of all ages. It requires minimal skill, and really can be played just about anywhere. And once a game gets going, the simple rule set that encourages ball contact means games get competitive quick!

Our beginner-level bocce set outfits four players, or four teams of two players, and uses molded plastic balls that are softer, safer, and lighter than standard resin bocce balls, which makes them much easier to throw for younger players. Each ball is about 2.5" in diameter and weighs under half a pound.

Each set comes in a hardy black plastic carrying case and includes a white jack.

How to Play Bocce:
1. Split all players into two equal teams. Choose a player from one team to throw out the jack. All bowls are underhand.
2. The same player begins the first frame by bowling the first ball. That team is now "In," because their ball is nearest to the jack.
3. Now, members of the "Out" team bowl until one ball is closest to the jack, and they become the In team.
4. Play alternates like this until both teams exhaust all balls. This ends the frame and points are awarded. The In team scores 1 point for every ball closer to the jack than the Out team's closest ball. Play until one team scores 13.

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