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Heimlich Maneuver Inflatable Costume

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Item Dimensions: 11x1x14 in.
Item Weight: 1 lbs.

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A Little History Lesson

The question I get the most on my tour of medical school lecture halls is simple. How did you come up with the Heimlich Maneuver? It's a very good question and one that I have been sweating out for years.

Well you see it's a tough one. I'm not entirely sure how I came up with it, so I usually make something up. But I will recount the whole story for you today. I'm coming clean.

It all started on Halloween night, with a little booze and about as much candy as you can imagine. My best friend Malcom went to a Halloween block party and got so much candy. "Loot" as Malcom calls it. A great haul. So we headed home and picked up some cold ones.

We drank and drank and partied all night. And Malcom, being the prankster he is, started "choking" on candy. I said "Bull****. Knock it off, pal" and then I stood behind him, made a fist with one hand, grasped it with the other, and performed 6-10 abdominal thrusts until that lil' Baby Ruth dislodged from his widepipe. Turns out he WAS seriously choking.

We were both stunned and completely sobered by the string of events. Then Malcom said "Whatever you did, write that down" and we created the Heimlich Maneuver that night. I dibsed the name first so I got to name it.

The Heimlich Maneuver Inflatable Costume

Dr. Heimlich is right behind you and ready to keep you safe on Halloween night. Includes a one-size, unisex inflatable Heimlich Maneuver costume. Requires (4) AAA batteries (batteries not included).

There are many ways to amuse your friends and on-lookers using this costume by adjusting the hands of the doctor. For the Heimlich Maneuver, call Dr. Heimlich. For a fun game, call Dr. Thumbwrestle. For a dirty-minded trick, call Dr. Bendover. Whatever you decide to entertain your pals with, be sure to get it on video!

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