Jar of Mayo Costume

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Why You're Sleeping On Mayo…

Hi there, ever wonder why your sandwich is dry, lacking any kind of richness and flavor? It's undoubtedly because you're sleeping on mayo. Now don't laugh, you might say "Mayonnaise? That thick white goop made from egg yolk, beingar, salt, sugar, and oil that my grandparents use in their nasty chicken salad sandwiches?" Nah, man. Listen. Moist food tastes better than dry.

It's actually food science. Moisture helps you make saliva in your mouth, which more effectively carriers more flavor than your dry turkey and cheese on white bread. Sure it's horrible on its own and please stop using it as a hair remedy, but if condiments had an Oscar's Ceremony it'd win best supporting actor/actress. It adds that salty, fatty, acidic element that makes for a more enjoyable Sammy.

So open up that mind of yours a little bit pal, then open up a jar of mayo, dip that knife in, and spread it all over your favorite lunch meat sandwich.

Goes especially well with: turkey sandwich, grilled cheese, potato salad, potatoes, chicken salad sandwich, spinach-artichoke dip, burger, tomato pie, deviled eggs, coleslaw, lobster rolls, roast beef, and much much more.

One more thing…

Now that you've been taken to church on Mayo, why not wear it? This costume perfectly captures the essence of the greatest condiment of all time, with classic label and fun surprises on the back! Perfectly complements food-themed costumes, condiment costumes like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and more, but you can strut this sauce on its own.

Handle With Scare:

Wear this to Halloween, theme parties, and costume contests. And when Halloween comes to an end, show up to picnics, barbecues, and tailgates to get a good laugh or use it for role play, dress up, or cosplay. You're in for a spooktacular treat with this condiment costume!

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