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King of Hearts Adult Costume

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Item Dimensions: 8.5x5.5x.25 in.
Item Weight: .79578 lbs.

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Story of a King

Long ago there lived a King. This king was a loved man across the lands and enjoyed meeting his people, but there was no one he enjoyed more than his jester. A clever little man this jester was, loved for his yo-momma jokes and knock-knock jokes.

One day, the beloved jester had offended the king with a powerful yo-momma joke. A yo-momma joke so strong that the king's own mother felt the joke's power as she slept in the castle. In front of all of his people, the king addressed the jester, "You must be put to death for such disrespectful behavior, my mother is a lovely woman" the king cried. The jester, laughing at the king's response to his joke asked, "What are you going to do about it? Tell your mother?" Now the king was outraged.

"The only mercy you shall receive is deciding how you will perish, foolish jester" the king replied. The jester, now smirking replied, "I am not the foolish one in this, I choose to die by old age." The king, knowing he could not override the jester's decision without losing the love of his people, returned to his throne and wept for being humiliated from not being able to defend his mother's honor. The king had been played like a card.

Why You'll Love It

This men's costume is one-size-fits-most, which means it is fit for any king. It is made of 100% polyester, no peasant materials. Did you spill some wine on your playing card suit? No worries. Simply hand wash your card and hang it out to dry. Do not iron or bleach this attire. Follow the size chart for a regal fit.

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