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Remember Family Game Night?

It's Friday. You walk in the door and toss your keys and wallet on the counter. Everyone is sitting around the TV watching CSI. Makes you long for the days of family game night. Okay Dad, here's your solution: the Rummy Card Game Kit. Head to the coffee table for exciting matching, melding, and good old fashion conversation with the family. Oh, and don't forget the pizza!

Rummy is a popular card game of strategy, matching, and clever play. Work quickly to meld similar cards from your hand- the first to "go out" scores big points! There are many forms of Rummy for you to explore, we've included a classic, Gin Rummy so you can start playing right out of the box!

The game of Gin Rummy is one in which two or more players compete to score points. Players score by playing melds (combining cards of the same rank OR three or more suited cards in a sequence). The object of the game is to get rid of your cards. At the end of each hand, players score points based on their remaining cards.

Included in this Rummy set is everything you need to get started: two classic Rummy decks with 54 cards, 25 tally pads, and full instructions. We included the second deck as a bonus deck for holding more than one game on game night, for play on the go, and for having a spare deck ready for any card game you like. Great for fans of rummikub, poker, euchre, bridge, pinochle, blackjack, crazy eights, old maid, hearts, canasta, Texas Hold 'em, Michigan Rummy, and much more.

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