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The Big Box: Double-wide Deck Box

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UPC Code: 193206015456
Item Dimensions: 6x4x2 in.
Item Weight: .25 lbs.

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Cut Your Deck, Not Your Collection

Great decks win games, but great players come prepared for anything. Whether you're a tournament shark sizing up the competition before you commit to a deck choice, or a casual gamer looking to keep a battle box on hand, it's never a bad idea to have a backup plan! The Big Box Double-Wide deckbox features space for two complete decks of approx. 90 sleeved cards, plus more long, flat components if you store them in front of the removable deck divider. Perfect for your favorite archenemy schemes, planechase arenas, or good luck tarot charms. So why is it that deck boxes just don't come with sideboard space? How about a whole extra deck? With twice as much width as your regular cheapie card boxes, Stratagem's Big Boxes hold over 180 sleeved cards (or, if you're a little more cavalier with your cards, 300+ unsleeved). That's enough room for a pair of 60-card deck, a couple 15-card sideboards, your fancy matching dividers to keep them separate -- all in one box. Big fan of oversize cards or casual formats like Commander, EDH, Archenemy, and Planechase? Store those extra large cards in the front section of the box, and you'll have plenty of room for a deck or two!

Why You'll Love It

If you're a fan of co op LCG and expanding competitive card games, the Double-Wide should be a no-brainer. Take your favorite scenarios and quests, along with your favorite player deck. A great fit for conventions and game nights.

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